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Pioneering pulmonary drug delivery

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Our story

Leveraging the ecosystem

Gilbert draws strength by leveraging the strong ecosystem in the region. Our electrospray technology is based on years of research started at Delft University of Technology and continued at Gilbert.

To advance the technology from the lab to the patient, Gilbert has built an R&D team of seasoned professionals, and along with TU Delft has additionally partnered with Philips Engineering Solutions (PES), its neighbor on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

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Philips Engineering Solutions

Gilbert is developing the next generation of soft mist inhalers based on proprietary electrospray in partnership with strong collaborators such as Philips.

An experienced and dedicated team


Want to be part of Gilbert’s team?

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Board of directors


George Hersbach

Non-Executive Director, Chairman of the Board


Ronald Maurer

Non-Executive Director on behalf of DeepTechXL


Pim Polak

Non-Executive Director on behalf of NanoCorp


Maurits Huigen

Executive Director, CEO

Scientific advisory board

Richard Dekhuijzen

Prof. Dr. Richard Dekhuijzen

EM. Professor of Pulmonology, University Lung Center Nijmegen, Expert Board ADMIT

Gabrie Meesters Meesters

Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology

Our mission & vision

It’s our mission to make medical treatment easier and more effective for millions of lung patients to extend and improve lives, while reducing the burden of care on the healthcare systems.

We believe in delivering a social contribution to the well-being of people in general and stimulating healthcare improvements in particular, using the ever evolving technological application-possibilities created by science.

The company-based gathering of scientific findings, in a socially and economically responsible way, will be used for product development for further innovation and optimization of healthcare. With the revenues of this, we will facilitate new scientific research.

Drivers, that are crucial for the development of our devices, are:

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in administration of medicines

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Patient satisfaction

in terms of comfort, mobility and adherence

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applying smart technologies to improve outcomes



ensuring circular products

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EHDA technology has the potential to offer unique benefits to patients for aerosolization and medication targeting of advanced molecular entities for respiratory diseases and for pulmonary administration of molecules for other indication areas.

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Our core values


Patients are at the heart of everything we do.


We develop through smart application of new and disruptive technologies


We are the trusted company people will turn to for solutions that create a positive impact for patients and society


We are committed to making the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation, while acting responsibly towards the planet and society.


In Q2 2023 Gilbert completed its €7 million Seed – and Series A investment round. The investment rounds were led by Dutch deeptech investor DeepTechXL and joined by existing shareholders NanoCorp and Delft Enterprises. With the transaction also Brabant Startup Fonds has become a shareholder, through conversion of its start-up loan to the company.

The equity financing of €4 million is supplemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( with an innovation credit of €3 million.

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