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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Arthur C. Clarke

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History of electrospray technology

Gilbert’s application of electrospray for pulmonary delivery

Gilbert is developing the next generation of soft mist inhaler based on electrospray technology to improve treatment for patients with difficult to treat lung conditions.

The inhaler uses Gilbert’s proprietary electrospray technology based on electro hydrodynamic atomization or EHDA, a technology which uses electronic fields to atomize liquids into monodispersed droplets.

Gilbert’s smart precision inhaler creates an ultra-fine soft mist, which the patient should be able to inhale effortlessly and without coordination difficulties.

Furthermore, the droplet size can be customized, enabling targeting of the aerosol medication to desired regions of the lungs, which has the potential to improve the efficacy and safety of treatments.

Gilbert is developing a new soft mist inhaler based on electrospray technology

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Breath activated

Aerosol generation is breath activated so no patient coordination is required.


  • Higher dose delivered (less drug waste)
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Limited fugitive aerosols
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Soft mist

Electrospray produces a soft mist aerosol that can be easily inhaled.


  • Higher lung deposition
  • Inhalation without effort
  • Fewer patient errors


Electrospray produces a monodispersed aerosol, with high particle size precision.


  • Higher lung deposition
  • Lower drug dose possible
  • More precise targeting in the respiratory tract


Automated monitoring with feedbacks and reminders to the patient from both the inhaler and mobile app.


  • Improved compliance & adherence
  • Better coordinated care
  • Fewer errors

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Our roadmap

Gilbert has been making substantial progress in the development of it’s company and technology over the last few years. A clear roadmap has been defined for the next coming years.

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Roadmap Mobile
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The unique IP of Gilbert

Gilbert considers strong intellectual property to be a cornerstone of its business, and strives, on an ongoing basis, to ensure both freedom to operate and robust and enduring patent protection for its technologies and products in the major markets.

To that end, Gilbert has a portfolio of both issued and pending patents with validity extending as far as 2040 should all pending patents issue.

Redefining treatment for lung patients.

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