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Let’s meet @ HLTH Europe Amsterdam

The Gilbert team will be visiting HLTH Europe 2024, coming 17-20 June in Amsterdam.

We look forward to connect with pharma and biotech decision makers to redefine treatment for lung patients together.

So if you are also visiting, let’s meet up in Amsterdam!

To plan a meeting, please contact us at or reach out directly to our team members Maurits Huigen or Scott Fleming.

Gilbert is developing the next generation of soft mist inhalers based on a proprietary electrospray (Electro Hydrodynamic Atomization or EHDA) technology to redefine treatment for lung patients. Gilbert’s breath actuated smart precision inhaler creates a monodispersed soft mist aerosol, with a customizable droplet size enabling more precise targeting of drugs to desired regions of the lungs, which has the potential to improve the efficacy and safety of treatments. Electrospray enables gentle, efficient delivery of both small and large molecule therapies in both solution and suspension formulations.

Visit us at Gilbert | Redefining treatment for lung patients, follow us on Linkedin or contact us at to learn if electrospray is suitable for your application.

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